Monday, 13 June 2011

Quba Mosque and Mosque Qiblatain

Masjid Quba
It is the first Masjid of Islam. When the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emigrated to Medina, he first landed at Bani `Amr bin `Awf and stayed in Quba for three days. So the Prophet (PBUH) built a mosque there, hence the first mosque built in Medina. The distance from the Prophet`s Mosque to Quba Mosque (Masjid Qubaa) is 3.25 Kilometers.
It has great importance in Islam. Few of Hadith related to Masjid Quba are these.

"The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to go there, riding or on foot, every Saturday and offer a two rak'ah prayer. He advised others to do the same, saying, "Whoever makes ablutions at home and then goes and prays in the Mosque of Quba, he will have a reward like that of an 'Umrah." This was reported by Ahmad, Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, and Al-Hakim, who says it has a sound chain of narration." Fiqh Sunnah 135A Volume 5
Narrated Abdullah bin Dinar

Ibn 'Umar said, "The Prophet used to go to the Mosque of Quba every Saturday (sometimes) walking and (sometimes) riding." 'Abdullah (Ibn 'Umar) used to do the same. 284 Volume 2 Sahih Bukhari
Moreover quranic verse have been revealed for the people of Quba

Narrated AbuHurayrah:"The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The following verse was revealed in connection with the people of Quba': "In it are men who love to be purified" (ix.108). He (AbuHurayrah) said: They used to cleanse themselves with water after easing. So the verse was revealed in connection with them.Hadith 28,Sunan Abu-Dawood
Masjid Qiblatain
Qiblatain mosque (Masjid al-Qiblatain), the mosque of two qibla, so called as it is the mosque in which the qibla was changed from Jerusalem to Mecca (the ka`ba).
The distance from Qiblatain Mosque to the Mosque of the Prophet is about 3.5 kilometers.It is situated near Wadi Al-Aqeeq and on Khalid bin Walid Road.